Problems and Possible Solutions

Problems and Possible Solutions

As I get older more problems seem to come up. But fortunately we are living in a world with apparently endless possibilities. So if there are problems, there may be already as well possible solutions. Identifying and accepting a problem is essential to solve it. Finding solutions is then possible. For example you smoke. You don´t have any health problem at the moment, then there is no need to look for a solution. But if you identify smoking as a life treating thing and accept that you are better of without smoking, you will start to search for solutions to stop smoking.

I´m not smoking, never did it or will be doing it, but my father did it for decades and it hasn´t been good for him. Smoker´s legs and heart disease are his daily companion and he only stopped smoking after is doctor told him to do or otherwise he will pass away soon. Causality or cause and effect is your friend or your enemy. It is always a choice to do something or not. Sometimes it is obvious, but sometimes it is hard to see all the consequences of our choices. Nobody is safe from making bad choices in his/her life.

In the table below I look at some problems and possible solutions which someone can have, when doing sport. This is far from complete and it gives only an overview of what can bring you in trouble.

ProblemCausesPossible Solutions
back pain-too much sitting
-overuse (heavy lifthing)
-reducing sitting for extended periods
-core strength training
-posture control
tiredness /stressed-not enough sleep
-bad diet
-getting minimum 8h sleep
-eat more healty foods
-reducing training load
neck pain-too much sitting-reducing sitting for extended periods
-strength training
tennis arm-too much sitting
-shoulder weekness
-using the "weak" but healty side more often
-mobility work
-working less with the computer
-reducing training load
-strength training
achilles tendinitis-wrong shoes
-calve weekness
-wrong running technique (heel strike)
-eccentric heel drop
-calves massage
-contrast bath for the calves
-Strassburg sock or nightsplint for sleeping
-reducing training load
not enough time for sport-poor or no time management
-excuse for lack of motivation
-stop watching TV
-work less
-better time management
no acceptance for sport adventures from family-poor communication-search for win/win solutions
-making it clear why it is import for you
-training when family sleeps, works or is occupied otherwise
knee pain-wrong shoes
-wrong running technique (heel strike)
-bad posture
-proper running technique
-right running shoes
-strength training
-reducing training load

Problems and Possible Solutions

This problems can hinder us to make sport. They can also be an annoyance in daily life. Some are getting slowly worse over time. Some appear suddenly and stay for an extended period (e.g tennis elbow in my case). Tackling the problems before they get worse must be a high priority. If in doubt about something consulting a health professional is the right choice. DIY (do it yourself) is sometimes ok, but we should play it save regarding our health. Don´t forget to look at the root causes of the problems and try to not only working on the symptoms.

In future post I will show what worked for me.

Just to clarify things. I’m not working for any of the above mentioned companies nor do I get any money or any other benefits from them. It’s all my own opinion. If this changes I will state it clearly. Thanks for reading.