Intermediate Fasting

What is intermediate fasting? Fasting in general is a time were someone eats nothing at all. 8-12 hours after the last meal the body starts to move in the fasting state. Fasting could be done for a couple of days, a week or even longer, but it not advisable to do it without guidance from […]


Acceptance What does acceptance mean for me and why it is important in my SportOverFifty journey? I will explain it with a road race which I´m doing nearly every year. It´s a city race with many turns, narrow little streets, some cobble stone pavement sections and four rounds with 2,035 m (~1,26 miles). So it […]

The Whole Picture

The Whole Picture What do I mean with the whole picture. To get in the best possible shape for the activities you want to do, you have to consider everything in your life. Mind, body, training, habits, health, work, sleep, nutrition, clothes, family, society, etc. Everything which could be improved can have a positive effect on […]